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At Venus escorts Liverpool we aim to professionally represent all of our escorts . All ladies report to Angel who is our Liverpool agency manager. There are no men to report to because women are from Venus, men are from Mars!

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Escort Jobs Liverpool You must have previous experience working as an escort, OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE ONLY, confident, reliable with excellent communication skills. Venus Escorts Liverpool would like to hear from you. Just fill in the Liverpool Escort Agency Work form below and attach several photographs.

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* You will be required to provide proof of age and in accordance with the amendment to the Immigration, Asylum, and Nationality Act 2006, effective from 29 February 2008, you are required to provide proof of the Right to Work in the UK.

Escort Jobs Liverpool

Escort Jobs in Liverpool

While there seems to be an abundance of escort vacancies available in the UK, it still is a competitive market place to be. Google searches for escort jobs Liverpool , escorts recruitment Liverpool and escort vacancies Liverpool, surfing through many escort agency websites.

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The role is a varied one and escorts are required to look good, have good conversational skills and have a good natural presence. Escort job interviews will arise having searched for Liverpool escorts jobs, escorts recruitment and escorts vacancies, however ensure you research the company interviewing you. Look great and have good personal hygiene. Tell the interviewer if you have had previous experience before in the escort industry.

Escorts Recruitment Liverpool

You must have the right attributes if you are to be successful at securing those escorts jobs, escorts recruitment and the escorts vacancies that you want.