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How to find an Escort in the city of Liverpool

Liverpool may be many things to many people, but there will always be thousands visiting the city every month that aren’t exactly here for sightseeing. As far as necessary evils go, business trips rank right up there with the most evil of all in terms of the tedium, stress and general sense of wasted time the before and after parts of the excursion entails. So, if heading to a city with such prowess for business purposes and already shuddering at the thought of a TV dinner in a hotel room, why not give genuine thought to the very best Liverpool escort agency and bring a whole new dynamic to the trip?

It might sound like a bit of a far-fetched sentiment on the surface, but don’t fall into the common trap of thinking that an escort is a glorified term for a prostitute – this really isn’t the case. As the name suggests, Liverpool escorts are in business to offer pure and simple companionship for those in need of a little brightness, whatever it may take to deliver said brightness. It could be a casual dinner out, an elegant night sipping cocktails or nothing more than a partner to chat with all night long – Liverpool escorts specialise in whatever it takes to alleviate tedium in all its forms.

So, the only question is that of how to go about finding safe, genuine and confidential escorts in Liverpool in order to transform any seemingly mind-numbing trip into something truly mind-blowing:

Use the Web

The internet has made pretty much every pursuit in life so much easier than ever before and looking through the available Liverpool escort agency options is no exception to the rule. As of right now, it is really just a case of a few clicks standing between any given visitor to the city and the kind of day/night/weekend they pretty much would have ruled out as impossible in this lifetime. Using the web is fast, free, safe and gives a person to ability to go about a thorough check of professionalism and viability before even considering making an arrangement.

Don’t Use the Streets!

One word of warning – conversely to the above it is never, ever a good idea to hit the streets in order to find an escort. The reason for this is the fact that you won’t ever find a legitimate escort or escort service on the streets, but will instead find illegal prostitution which has the potential to be quite frighteningly dangerous in a number of ways.

Check Feedback

Next up, it’s never a bad idea…odd as it may sound…to take a look into the feedback any given escort service has received from its current and past clients. Nowadays, chances are about 99% of them will have reviews and testimonials from their respective clients and these are pure gold when it comes to filtering out those you’d rather not do business with and cut to the best of the best.


Maintain Comfort

Last but not least, never forget that it’s all about your comfort and your joy, therefore don’t be tempted to stray out of your comfort zone if you’re not too crazy about doing so. After all, you can always arrange to meet an escort at a bar, in a restaurant or even at a local park for a simple walk and a chat.

Liverpool Escorts are Angels little gems next month

Our Liverpool girls are making a huge impact on their clients of late. We have started to get pre bookings for March due to the level of professionalism our Liverpool Escorts offer. We are over whelmed with the positive feedback they have been given buy their clients and we do hope we can keep this standard up. We have also had some well known A listers using their services however seeing as it is Mothers day soon, Mum's the word!


We would like to thank all of the girls for helping us get through February which has been a very tough month and look forward to the next month and welcome new clients to the agency. We are still on the look out for experienced girls with good comunication skills and the ability to mix in different social circles. At Venus we do not offer incall unless the independent escort has this facility. Therefore many of our girls will be outcall only however don't let this stop you from spending some quality time with one of the ladies.


Companionship is important and can lift us when times are hard. Our girls are fun, chatty and love to enterain their clients so pick up the phone and call to book a Liverpool escort.

Liverpool Escorts getting ready for March

Well we getting closer to March and we can not wait til the weather starts changing. March is the start of our escort calendar as agencies across the UK start getting busiers this time of year and this is when our girls are booked up solid. Liverpool Escorts are all really excited at the prospect of a busy month. While January was ok, February is renowned to be a bad month for most of us. We love our work and it is nice to keep busy as time flies when your having fun.


So in March we are looking forward to business as usual and also some hot new additions for our escorts in Liverpool. The competition is tough as we are attracting some of the hottest ladies in Europe. Our Romanian girls with their flawless skin complexions and not forgetting the sweetest English roses too. This agency is starting to be red hot with the delightful bunch of girls in Liverpool.


So come on guys, book yourself a Venus beauty and I guarantee you will be ruled by Venus forever more. After all, Mars can be lonely at the best of times, ya don't think...

Venus Escorts, new Horizons


Everyone needs a change once in a while, a break from the same old routine. It’s a situation we can all find ourselves in whether we like it or not. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. We at Venus Escorts can help your make that first move forward. Wouldn’t it feel satisfying breaking out of your usual ‘Ground Hog Day ‘situation?

Imagine stepping out for the evening in the company of one of our lovely Liverpool Escorts to enjoy an evening with a difference.  The best news is, you don’t have to imagine it for long, you can make it become a reality. All it takes is one click or call to us at Venus Escorts Liverpool and we’ll do the rest. Our lovely ladies are professional, warm and friendly and are looking forward to making your acquaintance, ensuring your evening is extra special.

So why not give us a call, who knows, new Horizons, new you!

Venus Escorts Manchester for you


Venus the Goddess, Venus the Planet, and now, Venus Escorts Manchester. Did we pick the right name for the site? Well let’s have a look shall we.

Venus the Goddess:  Venus was referred  to as a goddess by the Romans and also figures in Greek mythology. To the Greeks and Romans she represented love and beauty.

Venus the Planet: Surprisingly, Venus, the 2nd Planet from the Sun is the hottest. It’s dense atmosphere creates a greenhouse effect , trapping heat and reaching temperatures of 870 degrees. It is the only Planet named after a female, this being due to it being the brightest of the five Planets in our solar system, giving beauty in the night sky. Venus and Earth are also known as sisters. In space terms, Venus and Earth are relatively close together ( 4,840,000 km) and are quite similar in size.

Well, I think our choice of name is about right.  Because here at Venus, we aim to give our clients the air of beauty and romance together with a truly ‘out of this world’ experience. And once you’ve come back down to earth we hope you do visit us again. So you want to experience the beauty?

No, I don’t mean the planet, but Venus Escort Manchester. Providing a first class, professional and friendly service for all our clients, enabling them to enjoy a relaxing and welcoming evening out, in the company of one of our adorable ladies. Whether you prefer socialising or a quiet dinner for two, our experienced girls are their just for you to make your evening that extra bit special.

Only here for a short period?  Then why not get the most from you visit and allow our friendly escorts to show you how much our vibrant city has to offer. Being local, our girls  will be able to advise you on such things as the best bars and restaurants, Theatres, live shows and much much more.

Venus Escort Agency  would like to wish our visitors a lovely stay in our great city, and with our help, one to cherish. Well after all, we do hope you’ll want you to come back again.    

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