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Relationships fail, escort agencies to the rescue


Relationships, or rather a lack of one. They are a big part of our lives, they are a people thing and we need them. But what happens when one goes wrong? When it’s an amicable break up that is fine, but, a completely different story when the split becomes a blow.

This can leave a scar that can affect you for years to come. It can certainly have influence on your confidence in dealing with people especially those of the opposite sex. I’m sure there are readers out there who can relate to what I’m saying.

This is where escort agencies come  'into their own’. Where I live, a good first step would be to acquire the services of a Liverpool Escort Agency.  Regardless of where ever you live, escort agencies are there for you and are run in a professional manner, giving you the chance of an enjoyable evening out in the company of a lovely companion. Ultimately your confidence is restored, so why not give us a try.


Whether  youre  visiting Liverpool for business or leisure, Liverpool really does have a lot to offer. From live concerts to Theatre or maybe a visit to one of our great bars or restaurants, Liverpool caters for all. Visiting on your own? Then why not let one of our friendly girls from  our escort agency show you around.

The City is vibrant and fun to visit and always has something ‘going on’ to attract our many visitors from around the World. What better way to enjoy your stay in the company of a friendly companion. Whatever your tastes, why not enjoy the moment in the company of one of our lovely escorts and make it a visit to remember. Here at Venus Escorts we provide a friendly and professional service which we hope will build a lasting relationship between our Clients and ourselves.

Skirts or Jeans - Manchester Escorts or Liverpool Escorts

Skirts or Jeans - Manchester Escorts or Liverpool Escorts


We all have our preferences on how we like our girls, whether that's completely dolled up or cool and casual. There is also a lot of debate on whether the 'natural' look is better than with make-up. Now while there is debate on which is best, which look rules them all, us girls at Venus Escorts are not about giving you THE perfect look, but giving you YOUR perfect look. We believe everyone is different and provide a wide variety of girls so that there is truly something for everyone!


We have searched the galaxies far and wide to bring you the wildest selection of Manchester Escorts and Liverpool Escorts and brought them back to planet Venus ready to make your dreams come true! We have got everything you're looking for, even browse our escorts in Chester and see for yourself, we offer beauty, personality and above all companionship like no other!

We promise that you wont be disappointed! Wether you want a romantic night in with a casual beauty or a wild night out with your own Marilyn Monroe, if you're reading this then you have come to the right place! What about a Valentines day companion ?

Don't fret! Our girls are waiting to blow your mind! Call and book your night to remember!

Chester has lovely escorts

Chester Escort Agency Venus has a variety of escorts available in the gallery who can offer you sensuous offerings. With the help of these lovely Chester escorts you should never feel alone. On many occasions you may find you have no one to socialise with and feel lonely. The Chester Escorts here are extremely beautiful and are true professionals. These ladies have natural beauty and light up a room. You will really enjoy your time with one of these fun girls and many clients rebook the same girls due to their good experience. Chester has so much to offer with many tourism visiters throughout the year.



Are you lonesome tonight - Call Escorts in Manchester

Are you lonesome tonight, remember that Elvis Presley song? May be I’m just getting old coming out with random song titles but my point is there is no need to be by yourself when here at Venus Escorts we have ladies waiting for you in the Manchester region.

Our Manchester ladies are absolutely wonderful and can offer you companionship like no other.

Escorts in Manchester are friendly, sociable and full of beans as they say. Do not sit alone pondering on the idea. Give us a call and we will arrange for one of our fabulous girls to contact you today. All our girls are of a high standard and are professional at all times. We have a large selection of ladies that work independently in your area so pick up that phone!

Valentines Day Companion

Well I don't know about you guys but time surely does fly... 2012 has been and gone, and yes... Venus Escorts are still here! Although the Mayans may have given some of us quite a scare, surviving the 'apocalypse' isn't the only thing to be happy about. It's a brand new year and our favourite love holiday is approaching fast! Yes you know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about valentines day. A day where lovers all over the world go absolutely nuts for each other, going on dates, getting romantic and sharing each others company. Yes February is dawning and so is cupid. Single this valentines? Don't worry, if your reading yours truly at Heaven on Earth then you've come to the right place! 


I am here to tell you that you don't have to spend this valentines alone, why not browse our fantastic line up and book yourself a valentines day companion to remember. Our selection of lovely ladies are waiting for your call. So whether your looking for a date night to remember or just someone to share it with, here at Venus Escorts we have got all this on offer so make this February 14th a special one and gives us a call. The fun doesn't end there, why not check out the Manchester, Liverpool and Chester nightlife. With electrifying night life and the perfect date on your arm what more would one want.


The best thing about booking one of our escorts is it is dead simple, unlike the seemingly impossibilities of finding 'the one'.... that just me? Don't get me wrong, I am a big believer in love so I'm all the more passionate for making a beautiful companionship! Here at Venus our ladies are counting down the days to the magical event and are waiting to spend it with you. So be sure to book in advance to ensure you have everything you need this February, just remember every day that you waste cupid is coming closer!


 Don't wait. Call today.




Venus Escorts - One click or call away

Just in case you haven't read the previous blog, or you are a new comer, my name is Angel and I will be reporting regularly on the latest gossip here at Venus Escorts. Now being a Venus girl, I wanted to kick start the year by getting the low down on Venus the planet, itself. I mean we already know it's the second planet from the sun right? Ok maybe some of you never knew that, however, my curiosity lead me to doing a bit of research on yours truly...Venus!

Venus is the closest planet to earth and is of similar size and proximity. It is even said to have had bodies of water like earth that dried up over the course of 300 hundred years. So although incredibly alike it is in fact too dangerous for us to live theresad Hence it has gained itself the nickname - 'The Evil Twin'

Now being as it is made up of carbon dioxide and is 26 million miles away, it's a little hard to offer you a slice of Earth's sister itself. Don't dispair, as here at Venus Escorts, we offer companionship like no other. All our lovely ladies are waiting, so come on our Manchester escort agency, Liverpool escort agency and Chester escort agency - Get yourself a slice of Venus - browse through our excellent line up and give us a call and bring the wonders of the universe to you!

Here at Venus Escorts our ladies pride themselves on being unique, offering professional services to a high standard. I am here to answer any question or queries you may have, or to take your call when you book yourself a fantastic evening in the company of one of our Venus line up. Don't forget to be social -  our site allows you to share and tweet in response to blogs that I, Angel, have written as we go on our journey through the stars!

So here at Heaven on Earth, we're never a million miles away from the extraordinary wonders of the universe. In fact, we are just one click or call away! We are Venus escorts, a companionship service with no complications like Venus the planet...

So come on guys!


Call and book yourself a date that's out of this world!!!


Angel x

Venus Escorts

Venus Escorts are proud to have a column called Heaven on Earth that is dedicated to everything Venus. This column will highlight anything that is related to our agency. My name is Angel and I will keep you updated with anything happening at Venus Escorts in this column. All parties, events, promotions and special offers will be published right here.

Next big event in our calendar will be the Valentines weekend. If you are not with that special someone then why not book one of our Venus escorts to accompany you for a meal, some drinks or a take out with a dvd.

Our ladies are looking forward to Valentines! So, don't be shy, book a girl in advance and what ever you do, don't forget the card and gift. heart


I will update you later on in month as to how the bookings are going but for now will wish you a fantastic week kiss




Aintree Grand National 2013

Well today I decided  to write a blog on an unusual subject - horse racing. ‘Unusual subject’ you may say, well after all, I am a woman and it’s not the usual 'Girly Thing'. But one of my favourite events has to be the John Smith's Grand National at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool.

Nice new outfit, champagne breakfast, the atmosphere, excitement and hopefully, Lady Luck with me of course. I always book the whole 3 days, not just Ladies day which is extremely popular with the girls and you guys. The men seem to study the form of the 2 legged fillies on this particular day. Well, boys will be boys!

Last year’s event was for me especially was memorable. I not only picked the National winner but managed to win the Aintree Placepot. What a day! Later that day, I treated the girls to a meal in Liverpool and we had a great night out.

So roll on Aintree, same again please. Why not make your Aintree experience a day to remember by booking one of our gorgeous Grand National Escorts. I'm sure she will set your heart racing.

My colleague at Liverpool Escorts kindly passed on his 'Lucky 15' racing plan when he noticed that my blog had a racing theme. Hope you guys find it useful...


John Smith's Grand National:


Pick your main 3 selections of the day (Call these selections A,B + C)

Write them all down on 4 LUCKY 15 slips. Now pick 4 more selections (Call these selections D,E,F +G)

Now add your 4TH Selections (using D, E, F+G)

Your slips will look like this






For your 5th slip you use



1 X 7/1 WINNER From A, B OR C Will Return Your Money on 4 Slips

1 X 7/1 WINNER Ffrom D, E, F OR G will return your money on 2 slips

Whatever you get from A, B +C will be multiplied 4 times

Booking an escort in Liverpool will guarantee you’re a winner especially with our ladies from Venus, however if A, B+C win you will have 7 bets up on 4 slips hence 28 win bets.


The John Smith's Grand National

Date of the next Grand National
Thursday 4th - Saturday 6th April 2013

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