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Where Manchester’s Escort Services and Prostitutes Differ

Manchester has its fair share of both escort services and prostitutes, which often causes confusion as to where one side of the industry ends and the other begins. Over recent years, calls for Manchester Escorts to enter a new era of openness and regulation have been stepped up like never before. At the same time however, thousands are still unable to draw any real line between the escorts in Manchester and street-walking prostitutes – a problem than threatens to drive the legitimate end of the industry underground.

In theory it may seem like the two are relatively similar and therefore a clear definition isn’t easy, but in reality this isn’t the case. In fact, there are only a few points to consider when it comes to the massive and important difference between the prostitutes and the escorts in Manchester – essential for those looking to remain on the happy side of the law.

Appointment Only

First and foremost, no matter what a person’s opinions are on the subject it remains a matter of law that those walking the streets touting for business of such a nature are breaking the law. This is where the clearest define of all becomes visible as in order for an escort service to remain legitimate and indeed claim be considered as such, any and every service offered must be strictly by appointment only. This means no touting for business, no walking the streets and no trying to push their services on anyone – they simply exist and can be called upon or looked-over by anyone at any time.

Out in the Open

Next up, a genuine Manchester escort agency will be 100% legal and therefore has nothing whatsoever to hide from either the public or the authorities. As such, it is usually a good test of their working model and ethos to take a look at whether they are operating relatively out in the open or whether they appear to be hiding from the world and trying to keep everything as hush-hush as possible. And the simple advice as always is if in doubt, bail out!

Not Sex-For-Cash

Contrary to popular belief, escort services are anything but sex-for-cash services that look to satisfy sexual desire for a simple cash transaction. In fact, more often than not sex doesn’t even come into the equation as professional escorts offer companionship and general good times for anyone and everyone looking to inject a little fun and excitement into any given scenario. As such, if a service appears to be offering nothing more than sex-for-cash and that’s pretty much where the buck stocks, chances are you’re looking at organised prostitution and not a legitimate escort service.

Promotion of Values

Last but not least, the modern escort industry is all about safety, professionalism and a world of value in place to both uphold the law and look out for those involved – clients and workers alike. As such, this is something that should be clearly evident with any escort service that genuinely cares for ethics and values, therefore is another key trait to look out for when making a decision.

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