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Venus the Goddess, Venus the Planet, and now, Venus Escorts Manchester. Did we pick the right name for the site? Well let’s have a look shall we.

Venus the Goddess:  Venus was referred  to as a goddess by the Romans and also figures in Greek mythology. To the Greeks and Romans she represented love and beauty.

Venus the Planet: Surprisingly, Venus, the 2nd Planet from the Sun is the hottest. It’s dense atmosphere creates a greenhouse effect , trapping heat and reaching temperatures of 870 degrees. It is the only Planet named after a female, this being due to it being the brightest of the five Planets in our solar system, giving beauty in the night sky. Venus and Earth are also known as sisters. In space terms, Venus and Earth are relatively close together ( 4,840,000 km) and are quite similar in size.

Well, I think our choice of name is about right.  Because here at Venus, we aim to give our clients the air of beauty and romance together with a truly ‘out of this world’ experience. And once you’ve come back down to earth we hope you do visit us again. So you want to experience the beauty?

No, I don’t mean the planet, but Venus Escort Manchester. Providing a first class, professional and friendly service for all our clients, enabling them to enjoy a relaxing and welcoming evening out, in the company of one of our adorable ladies. Whether you prefer socialising or a quiet dinner for two, our experienced girls are their just for you to make your evening that extra bit special.

Only here for a short period?  Then why not get the most from you visit and allow our friendly escorts to show you how much our vibrant city has to offer. Being local, our girls  will be able to advise you on such things as the best bars and restaurants, Theatres, live shows and much much more.

Venus Escort Agency  would like to wish our visitors a lovely stay in our great city, and with our help, one to cherish. Well after all, we do hope you’ll want you to come back again.    

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