Venus Escorts

Men from Mars, Women from Venus


Venus is the second planet from the sun and named after the Roman Godess of love and beauty. Venus was known to ancient civilizations both as the "morning star" and as the "evening star" though are separate objects as we understand today. Ok, enough already... Venus is a Manchester based escort agency that launched in 2013. The new dawn is upon us and welcomes Venus Escorts in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.

We are currently looking for escorts in these areas who want us to market their services. We are a professional companionship agency and all of our ladies work independently. We pride ourselves by only representing the best presented ladies who by the way are from a planet called Venus.

Our clientele will be over the moon with the vast selection of girls we currently have on offer though we are always looking for fresh recruits.

So welcome to our blog and we do hope you enjoy our up and coming events, articles, stories and reviews. Ruled by Venus our ladies are now over the festive season and ready for the new year ahead.

Please contact us and offer any constructive feedback. I do hope you enjoy the Venus Escorts Blog.